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GeoSite provides leading edge software to the building industry.



GeoSite IT Pty Ltd was officially formed in July 2004 by director Wes Crisfield, after running as a research and development (R&D) operation since early 2002. The completion of the first release of the GeoSite software package lead to the formation of the company. The company's unique background in Geomatics, Surveying and Information Technology allowed the GeoSite vision to become a reality. Extensive R&D resources have been invested into the GeoSite program over two decades. GeoSite IT have worked closely with industry leaders over a number of years to build a unique software package for home builders. Metricon Homes have been involved right from the beginning, they were quick to embrace the first version of the software back in 2004 and implement it across their national operation.


The primary mission of GeoSite IT is to provide leading edge software to the construction industry, enabling a more professional approach to servicing customers, whilst saving time and money, limiting delays and removing the unknowns with smart streamlined technology.

GeoSite Professional

User friendly home siting technology - and much more....

  • Quick, accurate home sitings on any lot
    • No CAD skills required - anyone can use it
  • Rapid House & Land Packages
    • Output branded PDF flyers
    • Auto XML feed up to property websites
  • Home Design Finder
    • Matches homes to land within building envelope
  • Site Plan Generator
    • Compliance checks
    • Balanced cut & fill calculation
    • Excavation volumes
    • Retaining Walls
    • Bored Piers
    • Driveway Grade
    • Split level designs for sloping sites
  • Solar orientation analysis
  • Land Estate Importer
  • Feature Survey Importer
  • Print to any scale @ A3 and A4
  • Export to PDF and CAD

Q & A

How is GeoSite delivered?

GeoSite is accessed via the cloud, only an internet connection and supported web browser is needed at the client end, meaning you can access your GeoSite files from anywhere.

How long to does take to setup?

The initial account setup takes place within a week, you are then free to begin uploading your home designs to the GeoSite Home Design Studio via vector PDF or CAD files.

What are the setup fees?

There are NO setup fees for GeoSite, only the monthly user subscription applies, for more information please contact sales@geosite.com.au or call 0403 154 140.

How do we load / manager home designs?

Home floor plans can be easily loaded from a PDF or CAD file. A management area allows you to alter/remove existing designs where necessary.

How does the Home Finder work?

As designs are uploaded to GeoSite they are automatically indexed allowing the polygon of the home to be matched against the specific building envelope of a lot.


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